Way too long

Ohhh no, it has been way too long since I’ve updated you about all my adventures. So many things happened over the last few months;

I went skiing:


I turned two and get my own scooter (step), which I love


I also got my own kitchen, as I love cooking


and I help mummy and daddy a lot in the kitchen


Besides that I am talking lots!! A bit more English than Dutch, and my parents now know I am the bossy-type; “Mummy listen” “Papa, handdoek halen, nu”

Mummy and daddy have been doing a lot of stuff in the house recently; at first I did not understand why, but now I get it; my baby brother is on his way!!!! Not long to go now and I am really excited about that!! Watch this space in a few weeks time…………………………………..



My parents are trying to teach me some Dutch traditions. So they are constantly talking about Sinterklaas. I am still not sure about it. I had to put my shoe close to the door and when I woke up there was a present in my shoe (I am not complaining!). Apparently it will get better, at some point in the next week, Sinterklaas will bring me lots of presents; lets wait and see!!

IMG_8837 IMG_8839 IMG_8852


It might run in the family, but my favorite thing to do these days is cooking. When I get home from nursery I start saying “Keuken” (Dutch for Kitchen) hoping that I can help Mummy out with some cooking.

IMG_8825 IMG_8828 IMG_8832

I actually like eating food as well! For Halloween I was allowed to eat my food from a pumpkin!

IMG_8794 IMG_8798 IMG_8802


My own chair

In January we moved house, and since then Mummy and Daddy have been busy redecorating the living room (well, they got someone to do it!). It’s nearly finished now. The good thing about it is that I have my own little table and chair!!

IMG_8756 IMG_8747 IMG_8739 IMG_8735


Since I was a few weeks old, Mummy takes me to a swimming class every week. Every Sunday morning we have 30mins in the pool and I learn how to swim. I am pretty good at it already, I can swim from Mummy to the teacher under water by myself! I absolutely love it.  We finally managed to take some pictures:

IMG_8726 IMG_8724 IMG_8723 IMG_8722 IMG_8680 IMG_8678 IMG_8677 IMG_8676

Weekend in Holland

After are holiday in France, we did a short trip to Holland, so I could visit my relatives over there. I spend a day with Opa and Oma in Zoetermeer, it was great to see them again, and I had great fun with Sophie! I also spend a day with Opa and Oma in Ridderkerk; we went cycling again!!!

It was great to see them all!

IMG_8538 IMG_8531 IMG_8526 IMG_8494 IMG_8477 IMG_8472

Holiday in France


I just had 2 amazing weeks in France. Together with mum and dad I spend to weeks in Argelliers (it was my third time over there already!). We just had so much fun!!!

I had a little private pool that I could play in! We did a lot of painting; I learnt to stand up;w e went to visits mum and dads wedding church, and we had lots of drinks and food together. I absolutely loved it!!


IMG_8455 IMG_8382 IMG_8368 IMG_8332 IMG_8317 IMG_8303 IMG_8242 IMG_8217 IMG_8195 IMG_8189

Dutch girl!!

Oke, I am born in the UK, but I am still a realy Dutch girl; in weekends there is only one thing I want on my slice of bread; Hagelslag!!! (little pieces of chocolate; they are great!!!).


I also have a bike at home, and I absolutely love it!!! Told you I am a real Dutchie!!

IMG_8166 IMG_8169

Spring time!!!

Hello all,

Just a quick update from me!  I am still doing very well and learning lots every day. I repeat a lot of the sounds that my parents are making and also imitating everything they do. I really love playing around in their bathroom every morning!!


We had a few days of really nice weather over here, and I really enjoyed that. My parents are promosing me that we will go to so sunnier location in a few weeks time, so I am very much looking forward to that!!

X Emma

IMG_8120 IMG_8101 IMG_8081 IMG_8070

A week in Holland


So much happened again in the last month. Together with Mummy and Daddy I drove to Holland again. This time the occasion  was Oma Kalinka’s 60th birthday!! We had a really nice party and we made some really nice pictures. It was great to see everyone again, especially my cousin Sophie.

_IM_1630 _IM_1617 _IM_1545

After the party, we drove to Opa and Oma in Ridderkerk, and I stayed there for a week without Mummy and Daddy (who drove back to London). I had such a fantastic week. I got so much attention from everyone. I celebrate Queensday with my friend Job; Opa and Oma took me cycling; I went to the childrens farm with Uncle Lennart and Aunty Verena and I had lots of cuddles with Uncle Nick and Aunty Marit.

941371_424763900952083_888516769_nfoto (9)IMG-20130429-WA015166037_10201079909741445_2038476225_n

On Sunday Mummy picked me up again and together we flew back to Daddy in London. We had a day off with just the three of us, and as a surprise Daddy bought sand for my sandpit.


Now, I am back to school again, and it was good to see everyone in my class again; my favorite teacher Rachel and my friends Paloma and Fleur!

See you soon!