My first week

The day I was born, my grandparents jumped in the car and drove to London to meet me. They came to visit me in the hospital straight away.

Geboorte Alex 2014-07-13 037

The next morning my big sister came to visit me in hospital, but not much later Mummy and I were allowed to go home and I got to see much more of Emma at home! She adores me!!!

Geboorte Alex 2014-07-13 084 Geboorte Alex 2014-07-13 091

Geboorte Alex 2014-07-13 129

My first week at home in one word; hot!!! It is like I’ve been born in the Caribbean! So we spend a lot of time outside.

Geboorte Alex 2014-07-13 113

On Saturday Auntie Marit and Uncle Nick came to visit me. Emma told me to be really nice to them, as they always spoil you with lots of cuddles and presents!

Geboorte Alex 2014-07-13 131 Geboorte Alex 2014-07-13 135


Alex is born!

Sunday 13th July 2014 at 2:36PM GMT Alexander Louis Pieter Grijpink is born in London, United Kingdom, weighs 4.040 grams and measures 53 centimeters.

The first picture after his birth. What an incredibly beautiful baby! Everybody is doing fine and daddy is extremely proud! Grandparents are rushing through the channel tunnel to see the new born as quickly as possible.