December is here!!!

Lots of nice things are happening now it is December. Emma and I are allowed to participate in a very old Dutch tradition; we put are shoe in front of the door and when we wake up there is a present in it!!

Yesterday, my parents decided to buy a tree and put it in the living room. I thought that was a bit weird but they say it is part of something called Christmas. Christmas apparently will be lots of fun, as we are going to see all or Dutch family again!

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A day at the beach

Born mid July I am not used to cold weather yet, but my parents tell me I have to get used to it. But last weekend the weather was very nice and my parents decided to take us to the beach. I missed half the fun (eating lobster, playing in the sand), but I am sure I can share those things with Emma when I am a bit older.

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A week in Holland

Mummy, Emma and myself just spend a week in Holland (daddy came over for the weekend). We took a plane to get there; flying is very easy, you close your eyes, you sleep for an hour and then you are there.

We saw a lot of people during the week, people I had met already (grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins), but also a lot of new people (greatgrandparents, more family, mummy’s friends). It was a great week!

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My parents took me and my sister Emma to France to go on Holiday. Just born I did not really need one, but it was still a great time. I got to meet some new familymembers as well; uncle Fons and aunt Winnie with Sophie and uncle Timme and aunt Manon. I also got to see my grandparents again.

We had such a lovely time!!!

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